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Tuesday, August 22nd 2017

5:46 PM

DSP#4 Update2

The curtains have lifted: 25%! (25.111% specifically).

Apologies for the delay, life took priority for around 6 months and halted progress, but things are back up and running!

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Thursday, February 2nd 2017

8:10 PM

DSP#4 Update1

The stage is set with 10 percent! (10.440% specifically, started 1/8)

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Thursday, December 15th 2016

6:54 PM

DSP#3 Update7 - 11eyes release

Denwatls proudly presents: 11Eyes!


Gray. A gray world, a gray life, a gray happiness. Indeed, to Kakeru, it was as if the world had turned a dull, impenetrable gray, ever since that day. He had friends Tadashi and Kaori, he had his childhood friend, Yuka, he had what 'ought' be there. And yet, he could never escape it, never overcome, never get away from...


But the workings of fate are not so simple. The stain of darkness never so easily cleansed. And indeed, it is those same, immutable cogs that will draw Kakeru away from the simple, ‘peaceful’ life he knew...





This is a complete English patch, translating the whole of the game!  Simply place the patch2.xp3 in the game folder and start.  Remember to set your system locale is Japanese and ensure the path to the 11eyes executable contains only English (ASCII) and Japanese characters!

Be sure to have already installed the 1.01 patch from Lass's website.

Also, if using windows 10, be sure to have Japanese fonts installed. The game defaults to MS Gothic and may not display correctly (such as getting stuck on a certain scene) without them.



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Saturday, December 10th 2016

9:00 PM

DSP#3 Weekly Status Update -12/15



Route Line Count   File Count
Reviewed Edited Translated Total Reviewed Edited Translated Total
Scenario 9 49339 49339 49339 1 382 382 382
Total 9 49339 49339 49339 1 382 382 382
100.000% Lines 100.000% Lines Edited



Weekly progress, now retired with game release.


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Sunday, November 6th 2016

8:42 AM

DSP#3 Update6 -Quick blurb

Editing updates are on pause this week due to some earlier plans, on the bright side we've been knocking out Review at the same time so there's only about 2 weeks left until it's completed, with a bit of final image editing and clean-up to put us on track for a (mid-to-late) December release.


Until next time!

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Thursday, September 29th 2016

10:48 PM

DSP#3 Update5

100% TL has arrived!  With the completion of the TL phase comes editing/final QC/tweaks, which will have a regular weekly status update starting today!  Projected completion still sits squarely at the end of the year, with all lights green.


Until next week!

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Wednesday, June 22nd 2016

8:46 PM

DSP#3 Update4

75 with an eye to the sky! (Specifically 75.196%)

The general format of this release will follow the same as intended for DSP#2, with the title announcement at 100% editing rather than translation. If all goes according to schedule we will have a release by the end of the year!

Until next time.

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Thursday, March 10th 2016

6:55 PM

DSP#3 Update3

50 and going!  (Specifically 50.011%)

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Thursday, November 19th 2015

7:11 PM

DSP#3 Update2

25 and strong! (Specifically 25.08% lines)

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Sunday, September 6th 2015

1:22 PM

DSP#3 Update1

And with TL officially started on 20/7, we've reached 10% (specifically 10.084%)!  Woohoo!

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